My Beautiful Undoing

Less Is More

February 25, 2017 Comments Off on Less Is More

This past week, I had a lot of time to think. I was able to reflect on why I’ve been so unhappy lately and came to the realization that it was because I wasn’t making steps towards accomplishing my goals. I felt unproductive. At the same time, I was already doing so much. As I began to evaluate how I spend most of my time, I noticed that a lot is wasted on activities that don’t add any joy or value to my life. I started to research how I could incorporate more positivity into my daily life. In doing so, I stumbled upon the concept of minimalism.

I know that this term has been trending for sometime now. I’ve even seen countless YouTube videos promoting minimalist lifestyles. However, I never quite understood what it meant until I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix. It allowed me to see minimalism as more than just owning the bare essentials. And it encouraged me to use it as a means to declutter my own life.

“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s importantso you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.” – The Minimalists

Finding Happiness

This is my ultimate goal. To be able to find contentment in the mundane. To be able to enjoy the simplicity of life and not feel the need to be constantly stimulated by media. I want to be able to appreciate the world around me and find beauty in the little things. I want to be happy with the person that I am and woman that I’m becoming.

Finding Fulfillment

I want to feel complete. I’m tired of living the illusion of completion. Whether that be through the excessive amount of things that I own and rarely use or the relationships that for some reason I feel obligated to maintain. I want to feel truly complete. For me that means accepting the fact that the things of this world will always fall short. They will always pale in comparison to that of the Spirit. For a while, I tried to resist what the world couldn’t explain. I didn’t want to be labelled as weird or to feel misunderstood. Truth is, the world can’t explain a lot of things but that doesn’t make them any less true. I want to live my life led by the Spirit, regardless of what others may think or say.

Finding Freedom

If it isn’t adding anything to my life, then I’m going to let it go. I know that this won’t always be easy but I’m up for the challenge. I’m excited to free myself from materialism and to truly embrace spiritualism. And I’m eager to be free from fixating over how may likes I get on a photo or the amount of followers that I have. I’m ready to be free from everything the world has convinced me that I need and to discover what those things are for myself.